Renshaw Rehabs

If you're looking to put a home on the sales or rental market but it isn't in the best shape to charm potential buyers or renters, Renshaw Rehabs is here to help! As a division of Renshaw Property Management, we have years of experience in the real estate market and know exactly what it takes to transform any property into a buyer's dream as well as what is needed to bring a property to rent ready condition.

At Renshaw Rehabs, we know that REALTORS® and home owners are often tasked with completing various types of repairs and rehabilitation projects in order to prepare a house for sale or rent. Why not let Renshaw take care of these projects so you can reclaim time with your clients and focus on your area of expertise?

What We Do

Our team offers high-quality work and a quick turnaround for various market-ready services, including:

How It Works

Although Renshaw does employ qualified maintenance personnel, Renshaw Rehabs repairs are performed by licensed subcontractors and overseen by Renshaw Rehabs Project Manager, Jeremy Thomas. We are licensed, bonded and insured (TN Lic #00008000) and Renshaw Rehabs only works with licensed and insured contractors.

Every process starts with an estimate and a determination of how long your project will take. Most projects, no matter the size, are completed within approximately 7-10 days, but each project may vary.

Email or call 901-505-0458 (direct line) to begin your Renshaw Rehabs process today!

Rehabilitating a home does not have to fall squarely on your shoulders. Contact us today for more information about how we can help your property be restored to market-ready status!